Multichannel Merchant recently published an executive summary on returns, sponsored by Newgistics, in its April issue.  If implemented correctly, returns can be used to a merchant’s advantage, but the wrong strategies or poor execution can spell disaster.  In fact, a recent survey showed that 85 percent of customers will not do repeat business with a company if the returns process is complicated or inconvenient. To make sure your company doesn’t fall into that category, the Multichannel Merchant article offers the following tips:

1.      Leave the legal jargon behind

2.      Keep the returns policy front and center

3.      Stand behind your product

4.      Set a return time frame

5.      Offer exchange options

6.      Invest in staff

7.      Clearly define your policy

8.      Use simple packaging for fast returns in the warehouse

9.      Optimize on the front end to save time on the back end

For more detailed advice on all these tips, you can find the full article at: The team at Newgistics is passionate about returns. In fact, Patrick Allard, Director, Business Development at Newgistics joined a Power Panel at Multichannel Merchant’s recent Operations Summit to help attendees better understand what goes into achieving a seamless omnichannel return experience. Patrick’s advice for providing a seamless omnichannel shopping experience around returns focuses on 4 “C’s” – Convenience (i.e. a pre-paid return label in box, or the option to print online), Clarity (i.e. easy to follow/understand return policy posted to their website/order form), Communication (i.e. email notifications), and Consistency (across all customer channels and touch points). These 4 “C’s” are the keys to satisfying shoppers’ expectations and encompass many of the tips provided in Multichannel Merchant’s executive summary. You can find more info about Newgistics’ participation – and Patrick’s session – at the Operations Summit at