It’s not every day that we get to share news of a partnership with the largest online and mobile commerce company in the world. But we’re having one of those days.

This morning, we announced that Alibaba has selected Newgistics to provide delivery services in the U.S. for products purchased through AliExpress, Alibaba’s ecommerce destination that connects Chinese businesses with international buyers.

The Newgistics solution will benefit both merchants in China and buyers in the U.S. through faster delivery time, better visibility into parcels in transit and a wide reach to every residential address in the United States. Deliveries from China will reach their U.S. destination within four to 10 days while Newgistics SmartLabel technology provides end-to-end tracking at every step of their journey – including last mile delivery through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

By integrating with systems from AliExpress and partners such as the USPS, Newgistics can deliver real-time visibility into every package while providing a consistent, branded experience. Both merchants and consumers will be able to access tracking information directly through a single platform. In addition, this easily available tracking information can improve customer service and minimize inbound inquiries to merchant call centers.

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