Analytics are an important part of knowing and understanding your customers. By gaining a better understanding of your customers, you know their wants and needs, and can ultimately offer them the right products or service at the right time, and at the right price. That’s when everyone wins – customers are happy because you made shopping easy, and you win because your customer remained loyal instead of clicking through to some other eCommerce site. In order to deliver an exceptional experience from device to doorstep, analytics need to play a key role in tying everything together. Customer data is created at every step of the ecommerce lifecycle, starting from when they search for a product, through their click stream on your site, all the way to delivery and in some cases even returns. It’s a lot of data, but data is not enough. That data needs to be analyzed in order to make it useful, and to ultimately improve the shopping experience for your customers. hybris, which provides key technology for Newgistics’ end-to-end platform, extended its analytics functionality this week by announcing pre-integration with Google Analytics.  Users of its platform can now access Google Analytics on hybris Extend, an online integration marketplace that offers customers access to best-of-breed applications, extensions and network services developed by hybris partners, all of which are optimized to work with the hybris Commerce Suite. Consumers don’t live in silos. They don’t separate the different steps of an ecommerce shopping experience, and in order to understand customers better, retailers shouldn’t either. An end-to-end platform, with analytics that ties it all together, is the only way to truly view a customer’s experience the same way they do