If you have been reading The Gist over the past several weeks, I hope you have taken a few minutes to follow our five-part series on Newgistics’ values in which we have discussed “Customers Come First” – and “Continuous Improvement Through Bold Innovation.” Near the conclusion of our last discussion, I provided a glimpse into the direction of future discussions when I said, “Newgistics will continue to lead, innovate and strive for excellence in everything we do” — which is the topic of this week’s post. Every day, Newgistics is committed to “Excellence in Everything We Do.” As I have stated in previous discussions of our values, shipping is a relatively straightforward process to the layperson. Nothing could be further from the truth for our clients, as their ultimate success is largely dependent upon our ability to put a product in to the hands of their customers on time and under budget. And it is a major driver in a consumer’s decision as to whether or not they will purchase from a merchant again. So whether a client ships several hundred or several thousand packages a week, they rely on us to help them exceed their customers’ expectations. But simply making a statement is not enough if a company is to succeed, and Newgistics has continued to succeed because it truly lives its values. In demonstrating “Excellence in Everything We Do,” our entire team is committed to:
  • Possessing an unrelenting drive for quality and excellence
  • Creating an energy that makes our company, our products and services extraordinary
It sounds simple enough, but it is a task that each member of our team focuses on every day they come to the office, process and ship packages from one of our SmartCenter facilities, or spend time with our clients in an effort to identify areas of improvement even when things are working smoothly. Forgetting the reason as to why we are in business to begin with will cause failure, even if for only a brief moment, so we must strive to always look for opportunities to improve. We must be committed to “Excellence in Everything We Do.” I hope you will continue to follow our discussion of Newgistics’ values, and, as always, we welcome your thoughts and comments. Please join me in two weeks when we discuss Newgistics value number four – “Embrace the Team, Respect the Individual.” Respectfully, Bill Razzouk; President & CEO Newgistics, Inc.