While they’re not typically regarded as the most glamorous aspect of eCommerce, free returns are not going away anytime soon and can offer unique opportunities to win over and retain customers. Think about it. If you buy an item online that you want to return and the process is troublesome or costs you a fair amount of money, are you likely to shop with that retailer again? Probably not. The process for returning an item bought online should be just as seamless as returning something to the store – a viewpoint that Newgistics customer, Allbirds, recognizes.

Free Returns

Allbirds designs eco-friendly shoes and understands the “friction” that can be caused by purchasing footwear online as opposed to in-store, such as issues with sizing and comfort. Studies show that footwear ranks third in terms of most returned products purchased online – with nearly one-third of consumers noting that they had returned them in the last year. In order to alleviate this “friction” and provide customers a worry-free customer experience, Allbirds offers free shipping and returns to its U.S. and New Zealand customers.

Allbirds has taken steps to ensure the returns process is as easy as possible for its customers by including a Newgistics SmartLabel in every package. Customers can easily pop the SmartLabel on the outside box and drop it off at a post office or schedule United States Postal Service (USPS) pick-up. The enhanced tracking visibility offered by the Newgistics SmartLabel lets Allbirds’ customers breathe easy as their return makes its way back to the retailer.

“The process for returning an item bought online should be just as seamless as returning something to the store…”

When a shopper has a difficult returns experience, they are unlikely to go back to that retailer to make future purchases. Allbirds believes that by embracing returns as part of the customer experience, retailers create brand loyalists and improve customer retention.


With 18 years of experience in returns services, Newgistics is a partner that works with retailers to find ways to offer free returns to customers without breaking the bank. To learn about how Newgistics can improve the post-purchase experience for retail customers, please visit www.newgistics.com.