Being part of a team that investigates and implements cutting-edge eCommerce technology to make sure customer expectations are always met or exceeded is no doubt a fun and exciting job. But it’s also a tireless one that requires commitment and diligence twelve months a year.

After ringing in the new year by taking stock of lessons learned during the holiday rush, you don’t have much time before starting to think about next holiday season. By Q2, you’re well on your way to finding solutions for any of the hiccups that may have slowed down your site or impacted conversion rates last year. And you’re also looking into your crystal ball trying to identify what the big shopping trends will be in nine moths so you can stay ahead of the curve. You don’t have much time to figure out what trends and technologies will drive next holiday season before you have to make purchasing decisions, implement everything and start testing it all by the late summer or early fall.

Through the process, it’s important to keep your eyes on how everything is going to work together. At the end of the day, you could have taken every possible step to avoid last year’s hiccups and chosen all the right technology to delight customers during their holiday shopping binge. But none of that will matter if your site buckles under holiday traffic.

Having too many shoppers on your site may sound like a good problem to have, but if it hinders performance and negates all the work you’ve done during the first ten months of the year, it’s a worst case scenario. This is why testing for peak traffic load is so important and should always be something you’re thinking about and planning for.

To help give retailers the assurance that their sites will operate as intended when it really counts, the Tacit Knowledge team has developed a proprietary in-depth approach for site performance analysis and remediation that results in resilient and durable eCommerce applications. It’s called Peak Ready Performance and is an approach that uses two Tacit Knowledge-built open-source technologies to simulate real-world scenarios in order to identify and address any issues before there’s any chance of them impacting customer experience – and ultimately revenue.

After working so hard all year ‘round, you deserve an early holiday gift! Let the Tacit Knowledge team give you peace of mind that your site will be ready for next holiday season. To learn more about Peak Ready Performance, visit