Building an online retail operation from the ground up is challenging but rewarding, and every day is full of big decisions that will influence growth and success. Perhaps one of the biggest turning-points for a growing e-tailer is the decision to outsource fulfillment.

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Going from storing and shipping items from your home or office, to a full-fledged warehouse and distribution center is a big step that sets the stage for rapid growth. Most companies won’t share the thought process or steps behind making that decision, which is why it’s such a thrill that our new customer GoRuck has.

“…one of the biggest turning-points for a growing e-tailer is the decision to outsource fulfillment.”

If you’re a growing e-tailer and want to read about some of the things to consider before outsourcing fulfillment, now you can – courtesy of GoRuck.

In a recent blog post, GoRuck’s founder summed up his decision pretty nicely, saying:

Order Fulfillment isn’t what we do, it’s something we’ve had to do to get our gear to you. Our livelihood doesn’t depend on being great shippers all the time, which has led to inefficiencies. Newgistics is in this space because it’s what they do and their livelihood depends on it.

The bottom line is that GoRuck wanted to spend more time doing what it does best – building a brand, a strong community and the best ruck sacks available! In addition, the decision to outsource also allowed the company to warehouse its products in a more central location to make shipping faster and less expensive, and consolidate personnel into a single office.

To read about GoRuck’s decision to outsource for yourself, click on over to their site at:

Their post is complete with some great pictures of the GoRuck gear, Newgistics’ facility in Hebron, KY, and the post-kickoff celebration!