At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, executives from LinkedIn and Facebook released some compelling data that shows just how big mobile is becoming. “Mobile will continue to drive growth for businesses,” said Lee McCabe, global head of travel for Facebook. Statistics released during a joint presentation from the social networking juggernauts show that seventy-nine percent of smartphone owners spend all but three hours of their day with their phone within arm’s reach. That’s a scary statistic, but one that’s not all that surprising. How many of us work with our phones next to us on the desk and sleep with it on our night table? On average, smartphone owners spend two hours and forty-two minutes on their phones each day. It’s time to embrace this shift. Now that smartphones have become such an integral part of people’s everyday lives, mobile commerce is only going to continue to drive retail growth. According to Deloitte, in the next three years mobile commerce is expected to top $638 billion – which was the world’s entire e-commerce spend just a year ago. Most interestingly, we’re seeing more and more consumers use smartphones for browsing before purchasing. Fifty-nine percent of U.S. smartphone owners have used their devices to research an item before purchasing it. For these reasons, retailers need to start focusing on improving the digital experience for their customers. Mobile commerce is now both a necessity and an opportunity.