We have been going through some exciting and positive changes at Newgistics lately, one of which has been reevaluating and repositioning the message that we put out into the market about who we are. Why? Well, as anyone who has ever run or been heavily invested in a company knows, summing up what your business does clearly and succinctly can be one of the hardest things to do. You want everyone to know how great your product or service is and the 18 different ingredients to the secret sauce that makes you unique. But if you overcomplicate your message with different facets and details, you often lose the forest for the trees and end up confusing both the public and your potential buyers. In the best cases, it only takes a few words to perfectly sum up what a brand stands for and what they do. (“Just do it” or “Can you hear me now?” ring a bell?) And with that idea, the Newgistics marketing team worked hard to come up with a new tagline that would successfully get across to you what we believe about our business: Newgistics: Shipping has a new home.

Newgistics: Shipping has a new home.

Why “Shipping has a new home”? Well, at the most basic level, we are a shipping company, so we wanted to make that crystal clear. Sure, we have great technology services among other things, but it’s all there to serve the shipping process. Also, while many people may have first come to know Newgistics as a returns company over a decade ago, our customers rely on us day in and day out for both deliveries and returns. So for those who still saw us as “the returns company,” our new tagline is helping us set the record straight. We believe that shipping is about much more than moving boxes, and that as your carrier, we can actually help you maximize the long-term value of your customers and increase efficiency across your organization. Shipping touches every area of the business, from finance and operations to marketing and customer satisfaction, and every shipment creates new opportunities to engage your customers and improve your business. That’s why we encourage our customers to be cautious in working with carriers that are just trying to keep their focus on the low price on the contract. As your Mom always told you, “you get what you pay for,” and sometimes that low price comes at the sacrifice of quality customer service – which will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. We hope that our new message will stick with you, and we would love to hear what you think.