As we conclude our discussion of Newgistics’ core values, an overriding message is evident in the way we conduct business — which is to say we hold ourselves to an impeccable set of standards. Newgistics is driven by a total commitment to Honesty and Integrity, Always. Business, as life, is imperfect. Business publications are littered with stories of once-darling companies that have failed or suffered tremendous setbacks because of a misplaced ethical compass. Despite the bad news, it is my belief that most companies focus on doing business the right way, and our company is no exception. Newgistics is a leader because we refuse to take professional or ethical shortcuts. The only way for us to continue to grow and evolve as an organization is to lead by example and expect the highest possible standards of honesty and integrity from every member of our organization — no exceptions. I initiated this discussion of our company’s core values in August with the simple goal of providing you with a firsthand view of what makes Newgistics such a special place to work.  As I have gone through the process of putting my thoughts down on paper, I am continually reminded of our accomplishments in not only strengthening our leadership position in the marketplace for shipping services, but why we have been able to do so. It is because of our people, an impenetrable commitment to our clients and their customers, and our company’s focus on conducting business the proper way, exemplified in Newgistics’ core values. Respectfully submitted, Bill Razzouk President & CEO Newgistics, Inc.