Everyone’s heard the adage: the customer is always right. While that may not always be the case, they’re still the customer and there’s no denying that their desires and expectations play a significant role in the success of any business. This is especially true in eCommerce where convenience is king and shoppers simply gravitate to brands that cater to what they want. Free shipping and returns are an important requirements for many online shoppers, and it makes sense – why would you want to pay extra for something to be delivered, or shell out money to send an unwanted item back?


While this is cut and dry from the consumer’s perspective, dealing with the costs that come with offering free shipping and returns is a common challenge among online retailers. To address how brands can overcome these difficulties, Newgistics’ CEO, Todd Everett, recently spoke with Internet Retailer to outline how top retailers can audit their returns processes to keep costs in check while still meeting customer expectations, especially during peak seasons like the holidays.

For example, prior to partnering with Newgistics, fashion retailer Tobi was unable to manage the cost of providing free shipping and returns for customers. This is a challenge that many retailers face, and one that only becomes more unmanageable during the peak holiday season.

Peak Season Preparedness: Newgistics helps retailers – like Tobi – adapt to changing customer expectations in every aspect of retail, from device to doorstep.

To avoid such troubles, Tobi worked with Newgistics to redesign its returns procedures, and deployed our patent-protected SmartLabel technology to help drive efficiency into the returns process. As a result, Tobi reduced the overall costs of returns by 10 percent, while decreasing returns-specific inbound inquiries by 15 percent. In addition, the brand improved its inventory management and was able to more effectively prepare returned goods for resale.

For twenty years, Newgistics has helped retailers – like Tobi – adapt to changing customer expectations in every aspect of retail, from device to doorstep. And we specifically developed our new SmartLabel+ technology to help retailers better manage their shipments, keep costs in check and satisfy customers in the process. Every touchpoint during the customer lifecycle is important, and we’re here to help top retailers and brands optimize their procedures to turn customers into brand loyalists.

To learn more about how Newgistics helps top brands and retailers meet customer expectations, please visit www.newgistics.com. To learn more about Tobi’s story, check out our article in Internet Retailer or our Tobi customer case study.