Shopping. It’s a pretty simple concept, right? Walk into store, find something you like, try it on, make a purchase decision, stand in line, check out, leave. And for all of you online shoppers out there, shopping is even easier! Open laptop, search favorite retailers, browse items you want or need, add to cart, checkout, wait for package. Boom – quick and easy! But retailers are learning how they can make your e-commerce experience not just easy, in-and-out the door in 10 minutes, but fun and engaging. We’ve picked out the top three trends that we see gaining the most momentum in the retail industry today. Check it out! Beacons and Mobile Engagement In-store shopper tracking is fast becoming a norm in the retail tech scene. Retailers are desperately looking for ways to not only get to know their consumers better, but how to bring more personalization and convenience to their shopping experience. The beacon technology is produced by several companies in the space today and works in the mobile space by sensing when a consumer enters down to the aisle they are walking. Apple recently branded iBeacon as its championed wireless networking technology that determines when a shopper enters the store with the retailer’s app on their smartphone. This allows special offers to be pushed to the mobile device as the consumer moves through the store, giving retailers more data on store shoppers and how they interact in the retail space. The true purpose and role of beacon technology has yet to be leveraged, but keep an eye out for more widespread use in the coming years. Wearable Technoloy Wearable technology can mean anything from smart watches and fitness wristbands to Google Glass and “mood-sweaters”. Retailers are beginning to explore how wearable tech can be incorporated into the in-store experience to bring a more interactive environment to life. Shoppers may soon see Google Glass cropping up in their favorite retail stores to employ virtual fitting, browsing and outfit accessorizing capabilities. Transformed Search & Discovery, Visual Browsing In a world where people have literally hundreds of options during each shopping experience, you’d think our search and discovery process would be a bit more discerning. You might say, “Hey, I can always find what I’m looking for when I’m shopping online,” but you may not know what you’re missing. Retailers are now looking into how they can customize the search and discovery process by allowing for more filters, preferences, settings, and browsing/recommended items in the online stores. It’s a new trend out there that will quickly gain popularity once the droves of shoppers realize just how granular they can get with their needs and wants while shopping online. Would you want to see any of these trends when you’re online shopping for that next go-to sweater? Are you happy with the current online experience or are you hoping for a more interactive and engaging virtual shopping atmosphere? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of online retail and e-commerce.