With another Labor Day weekend in the books and the symbolic end of summer behind us, we just have one question… Are you ready for the holidays?!

For the average Joe it might be a little too early to blast your holiday playlist and decorate the house, but for retailers it’s never too early to gear up for the influx of eCommerce orders that come during peak season.

In fact, this year is shaping up to be one of the busiest online retail periods of all time. A recent eMarketer report projects that holiday eCommerce sales will jump 16.6 percent this year, and eCommerce’s total share of all sales will reach a record 11.5 percent. To put this in perspective, these forecasts imply that during the months of November and December, nearly 24 percent of all digital sales for the year will be made; that’s a substantial amount of holiday sweaters for some very lucky grandchildren. 
All in all, peak season continues to strengthen for retailers. According to new research from CPC Strategy, 88.1 percent of shoppers plan to spend the same amount or more as last year this holiday season. With sales projected to skyrocket and shoppers continuing to spend generous sums on their loved ones, we must ask you again (this time, for retailers)… Are you ready for the holidays?!

More than ever, consumers expect eTailers to provide a seamless and full-circle shopping experience. Having a sleek, easy to navigate eCommerce site that aligns with your brand’s overall objectives is only half the battle and must be coupled with thoughtful strategies that maintain the brand experience through post-purchase as well. As a company that helps retailers and brands with both the digital and physical sides of eCommerce, Newgistics is in a unique position to help provide a seamless experience through every step of the shopper lifecycle. For example, here are four ways that Newgistics helps top brands achieve this goal year-round (and during peak season):

  • Consulting & Managed Commerce: The team at Tacit Knowledge, Newgistics’ digital commerce consultancy, is comprised of software engineers that have deep experience with and understanding of the software that powers eCommerce sites. From implementing technology in to high-performing sites, to our proprietary approach for ensuring peak ready performance, and ongoing management and support, the Tacit team will make sure digital assets are firing on all cylinders for the best front-end experience possible.
  • Fulfillment: By using Newgistics’ extensive network of fulfillment centers, our retail clients don’t have to worry about picking, packing and shipping orders. They can focus on aspects like customer service/retention and the art of retail instead. Plus, they can speed deliveries by fulfilling orders from multiple locations and reducing the distance to the customer without the expense and hassle of managing their own facilities.
  • Delivery: During a time of year when spikes in volume have impacted national carriers in the past and when the winter weather is unpredictable, it’s especially risky to ship with only one provider. On top of that, it could be expensive too. With surge pricing and penalties for not hitting predicted volumes, the big carriers are going to eat into your profits in one way or another. You can offset the cost and risks by diversifying delivery with a carrier like Newgistics.
  • Returns: With Newgistics SmartLabel+ technology, businesses move return processing closer to the customer and create a first-touch advantage. This allows them to become faster at stocking items for resale, crediting customers back and shipping exchanges, among the many other benefits that ultimately promote customer loyalty and increase revenue.

The holiday season can make or break a retailer. But with the right planning and strategies – especially in the home stretch leading up to peak season – the upside to be gained is enormous.

To learn more about how Newgistics helps top retailers handle increased orders year-round and during peak season, please visit www.newgistics.com.