2014 was another record breaking year for e-commerce that was capped-off by a particularly strong holiday season, according to comScore’s most recent data. From November 1 to December 21, shoppers in the U.S. spent $48.3 billion online, an increase of 15 percent from a year earlier. While e-commerce return rates vary widely among retailers and product segments, they can be as high as 30 or 40 percent for apparel and other soft goods – the types of products that are especially popular holiday gifts. Like death and taxes, this much is certain: the growth that retailers saw in holiday sales this year will be mirrored in the number of returns they’ll have to manage. Now that the holidays are officially over and people are back to their daily routines, the returns season will pick up in earnest. Returns can be a drag on the bottom line when retailers are left holding last season’s fashions or other merchandise that’s no longer on consumers’ shopping list. Plus, adding additional customer touchpoints to the e-commerce lifecycle naturally increases the potential for mishaps, mistakes and customer discontent. However, when returns are done efficiently, they’re a win-win for both the merchant and the customer. With nearly 15 years of experience improving the e-commerce returns process – beginning with the introduction of the Newgistics SmartLabel in 2001– Newgistics knows how to make returns seamless, convenient and efficient for everyone involved. Here are some of the benefits we’ve brought to leading brands and their customers. Merchant Benefits
  • Visibility for Better Planning. Knowing what is coming back helps the merchant better plan for the labor that will be required to disposition the merchandise, refurbish it if required, and get it back in stock faster during peak selling season.
  • Cost Savings. Being able to better plan for what is returning and when it will arrive can reduce labor expenses and ensure that facilities are not over- (or under-) staffed. In addition, proactive communication with customers about their returns will reduce inbound inquiries to save on call center expenses.
  • Brand Experience. Newgistics integrates closely with merchants so they maintain the entire consumer experience from order to return. While Newgistics technology powers everything, details such as branded tracking pages enable a consistent experience for the customer.
  • Profit Opportunity. Additional communication with customers gives retailers another chance to market and upsell or cross-sell. They can also opt to charge a fee for prepaid return labels.
Customer Benefits
  • Convenient and Easy. Newgistics SmartLabels can be included in a shipment or printed through a retailer’s website to offer consumers a hassle free prepaid return option. Once a label is affixed, getting packages on their way back to a retailer couldn’t be easier. Packages can be dropped in a home mail box, scheduled for a USPS Free Carrier Pickup, dropped at any post office or at one of the nearly 170,000 USPS collection boxes nationwide.
  • Peace of Mind. Transit triggers provided by tracking and proactive email communication inform customers of the status of their return so they know when it will be back in the retailer’s hands and when they’ll be credited for the merchandise.
You can learn more about Newgistics Returns Management at the links below which will bring you to our Website or to a Newgistics YouTube video: http://www.newgistics.com/corp_returns/returns-management.aspx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQt4AKZA4sI