When it comes to retail, the “last mile” – fulfillment, delivery, returns, and the post-purchase experience – presents a variety of unique opportunities for retailers. When carried out correctly, retailers can use the last mile to establish personal connections with customers, enhance the overall brand experience, and gain insight into customer preferences by assessing what products are providing them with value, as well as what products are not.

The industry norm has quickly become low-cost, or entirely free, shipping for deliveries and free returns for customers. But as we know, free shipping and returns are not “free” by any means for retailers, and it is no secret that last mile services are often the most expensive. Offering free returns can lead to more costs than just the price of shipping.

For example, retailers need to be able to assess whether the returned item can be re-sold and, if so, need to adjust their inventory accordingly. If the item cannot be re-sold, then the retailer not only absorbs the cost of return shipping, but the cost of the product as well.

How can retailers offer these desired accommodations without putting a dent in their bottom line?

One practical way to approach difficulties in dealing with the last mile is to partner with an innovative company that specializes in the management of fulfillment, delivery, and returns – like Newgistics. By teaming up with an expert service provider, retailers will be able to operate with the assurance that their customers will not be let down during the last mile of the retail experience. In addition, Newgistics enables retailers to automate the process entirely, so they can spend their valuable time on their business, rather than worrying about packages in transit.

With nearly 20 years of experience in these crucial areas of retail, Newgistics helps retailers meet the growing expectations of customers by providing low-cost shipping and returns for retailers. With lower costs during the last mile, retailers can delight customers by offering the anticipated services of free returns and low-cost to free shipping.

The competition for customers is at an all-time high. If a retailer cannot offer what customers expect, the next online store is just a click away. Newgistics offers retailers low shipping rates and, if needed, the ability for customers to seamlessly return products – all while avoiding both parties emptying their pockets to get packages through the last mile.

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