and Forrester Research recently released their annual report, “The State of Retailing Online 2016: Key Metrics, Business Objectives and Mobile,” which will be available for purchase by non-members on February 7. The report shows that while online retail is growing faster than store sales, not all online retailers are benefiting from the boom in growth. While only three percent of respondents in 2014 said that their online sales were flat, that number jumped to 17 percent in 2015. “Much of this is due to more retail competition than ever before,” says Forrester e-retail analyst Sucharita Mulpuru in the report. “More than 800,000 online stores in the U.S. alone are now vying for recognition, market share and relevance with assortment.” Most interestingly, the report points out that in addition to the pressures of tough competition, many online retailers struggle with scaling the business. According to the report, “While it’s relatively easy to launch a web store, scaling an online business is extremely difficult.” The report is a reminder that while there’s a lot of opportunity in retail today, those retailers that want to stay ahead of the competition need to have the right strategies, tools and partnerships in place. To learn more about Newgistics and how we can help brands scale to deliver an exceptional eCommerce experience from device to doorstep, visit: