The U.S. Postal Service is making a variety of pricing and classification changes that will go into effect January 22, 2012, including a price increase for all parcels, revised addressing requirements for Non Flat-Machinable parcels and the inclusion of Delivery Confirmation in the price of a variety of products. As a collaborator with the USPS, Newgistics is committed to keeping you up to date on regulation changes that will affect products you ship. A partial list of upcoming changes is below. Please look closely at the individual weights, zones, and physical material you mail. The averages can be substantially different than the actual impact in particular classes and weight breaks. For detailed tables go to or contact your Newgistics consultant for counsel and guidance during this transition. USPS 2012 Price Changes USPS 2012 Price Changes Standard Mail Parcels • Standard Mail parcels and Not Flat-Machinable parcels are currently grouped in a single product classification known as Standard Mail. • The USPS is moving Standard Mail parcels (both machinable and irregular) to the competitive product category and renaming the product Parcel Select Lightweight, which will be priced by ounce. Delivery Confirmation will be included in the price for this reclassified product. Not Flat-Machinable Parcels • Not Flat-Machinable parcels will remain in the market dominant product category in the Standard Mail classification, but will be renamed Marketing Parcels. • Marketing Parcels will require an alternate addressing format such as “or Current Resident” in the addressee line. These parcels will continue to be priced with per-piece and per-pound rates. Parcels without the “or Current Resident” addition to the address must be treated as Parcel Select Lightweight parcels. The maximum size for Marketing Parcels will be 12” x 9” x 2”. (Currently, the maximum size for Not Flat-Machinable parcels is 15.75” x 12” x 1.25”.) • Ancillary service endorsements such as “Return Service Requested” cannot be used with Standard Mail Marketing Parcels. • Nonprofit Standard Mail parcels (both machinable and non-machinable) will remain in the Standard Mail classification. Machinable Parcels • Dimension requirements for machinable parcels are also changing with the reclassification. Machinable parcels will now be defined as 27” x 17” x 17”. (The current dimensions are 34” x 17” x 17”.) This change will impact all parcels. Label and Address Rule Changes • The products whose names are changing must have new labels printed showing the correct product name: Parcel Select Lightweight and Standard Mail Marketing Parcels • Standard Mail Marketing Parcels must include “or Current Resident” on the addressee line. Example: John Doe or Current Resident / 123 Main St. / Austin, TX 78746 Delivery Confirmation • For your information, Delivery Confirmation will now be included in the price for First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Parcel Select Lightweight and all Merchandise Return Service products.