These are exciting times. Technology – and with it, the way we communicate – is rapidly changing before our eyes, and there’s no turning back. Mobile devices are practically as robust as PC’s, and the social media landscape has completely changed how businesses communicate with their customers and constituents. That being said, the logistics industry hasn’t exactly been a pioneer on the social media front. Many are still waiting for the proof points: what’s in it for us? Sure, this works for the heavy-hitter consumer brands and local businesses, but why me? At Newgistics, we realize that – for businesses like us – social media isn’t about how many Facebook fans we can get or how we can make videos go viral. For us, it’s about opening up the lines of communication for a two-way dialogue with our existing and potential customers, our partners, and anyone with an interest in shipping, logistics technology and innovation. You may know us as the SmartLabel guys. And we’re proud to lead the shipping industry in managing postal-based returns – but we’re far more than that. Our continued growth and evolution as a company has resulted in our service to hundreds of the industry’s leading catalog and e-commerce brands in managing their delivery and returns shipping needs. And we’re not stopping there. Through this blog, and our presence on social networks including Twitter, we aim to teach you more about who we are as a company, and also discuss news, topics, and events that are relevant to our business and yours. We’re not here to sell – if anything, we hope that by getting to know us better through social media, you’ll know whether or not our services are right for you. What we are here to do is initiate and participate in valuable conversations about shipping, customer service, innovation, and more. We’re here to let you get to know our executives on a more personal basis. And most of all, we’re here to represent the Newgistics brand to our customers and build real and lasting connections with you. So add our RSS feed to your weekly reading list, and visit often to join in on the conversations and give us your two cents. What do you hope to see from us on the blog? Where would you like to connect with Newgistics? Soon, we’ll post links to all the social sites where we maintain a presence, and we’ll occasionally post photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and presentations on Slideshare. In the meantime, follow us here and on Twitter – we hope you will share in our excitement about the journey ahead.