In April, the Newgistics team will be headed Cincinnati to the Operations Summit, which this year will focus exclusively on direct-to-customer and omni-channel operations. We’re proud to once again be a sponsor of the show and hope that you have a chance to stop by Booth 200 to experience our end-to-end commerce suite for yourself.

In the age of the customer, retailers can no longer afford to treat the returns experience as an afterthought.

In the age of the customer, retailers can no longer afford to treat the returns experience as an afterthought. Just as customers demand shopping experiences that are fast, convenient and seamless, their expectations for returns are no different. It’s time for retailers to stop looking at returns as a cost center – and instead seize the opportunities they present to improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business. On Wednesday, April 13 at 8:30 a.m., Newgistics’ Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Patrick Allard, will lead the session “How an Exceptional Returns Experience Can Improve Your Profitability.” In this session, Patrick will be joined by top retailers who will share insights into what it means to take a customer-centric approach to returns. Together they will discuss advance visibility and its many advantages, such as enabling early/advance customer credits and helping to control processing costs. Most importantly, they’ll explain how improving the returns process for customers can improve your bottom line as well.
Tour of the Newgistics SuperCenter in Hebron, Kentucky
Later that morning, we’re offering a tour of our SuperCenter, located just 30 minutes from the Operations Summit. This 500,000 square-foot facility (that’s the size of 12 ½ football fields!) is engineered to support dozens of unique clients with services including order fulfillment, parcel shipping and returns management. During peak operations, we process more than 2 million units a week. Over 98 percent of orders are processed same-day, and our central location enables Newgistics to reach approximately 70 percent of a client’s customer base within three days with our robust transportation network. Space for the tour is limited, so be sure to register here if you’d like to join us. Transportation to the SuperCenter is provided by the Operations Summit. We’re looking forward to sharing insights that lead to retailers’ success in today’s ecommerce environment. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ecommerce challenges and priorities for 2016 and beyond. See you in Cincinnati!