It’s no secret that mobile device use is rapidly on the rise, but did you know that consumers are now spending a whopping 75 percent of their online time (that’s three out of every four minutes) on mobile devices? comScore takes a look at this and more in its 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report, which surveyed 1,049 adults who own smartphones


The report also found that while most of this time is spent on apps for social networks, music and gaming – only 4 percent of a consumer’s mobile app usage is spent on retail apps. Among the time consumers do spend online with retailers, 54 percent of that time was spent on an app versus on the web.

“…retailers need to ensure they’re providing a seamless shopping experience across all customer touchpoints… through mobile apps, mobile-ready sites, or desktop experiences.”

Another enlightening finding is that smartphone alert fatigue is growing. Many retailers send consumers smartphone alerts, known as push notifications, but comScore’s report shows that consumer are less likely to agree to receive push notifications from an app this year compared to last year. Thirteen percent of respondents say they never agree to an app’s request for smartphone alerts and 25 percent say they rarely do, compared with 9 percent who said never and 22 percent who said rarely last year. What’s more, consumers aren’t downloading many new apps, with 49 percent of consumers downloading zero apps over the past three months.

If these numbers tell us anything, it’s that retailers need to ensure they’re providing a seamless shopping experience across all customer touchpoints, whether that’s through mobile apps, mobile-ready sites or desktop experiences. Customer behaviors are evolving and retailers need to ensure they’re evolving with them – at every touchpoint where a customer comes to interact.

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