The start of a new year always invites reflection, resolutions and predictions. Where will this next year take us? What can we do better in the coming year? What trends will change our lives and our business?

 Newgistics doesn’t have a crystal ball, but we do follow the latest in retail and eTail. Here are a handful of trending topics from the first weeks of 2013 that we do not anticipate will lose steam as the year marches on: Consumers still want free shipping. “I’m surprised,” said no one. Overstock introduces free shipping for orders of $50 and more, Internet Retailer reports. While iPads and smartphones are all the rage, that’s not the whole story—computers are very much still in the shopping game. Computers Still Popular for Researching, Purchasing, Marketing Daily reports. Oil prices rose for the fourth consecutive trading term, but it’s not clear if prices can rise much higher given adequate supply and the uncertainty of the U.S. borrowing limit negotiations. Oil prices rise above $96 a barrel as global economic reports keep positive tone, The Washington Post reports. Measurement continues to be one of the most sought-after goals, both in the hard-to-quantify and ever expanding world of social media, and across the retail enterprise. Pinterest: Really Useful Tools to Measure Each Pin Impact, from, and 2013: The Year of Measured Retail from RSR. Affluents will continue to spend more online than anyone else, and not by a small margin.
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