Another National Postal Forum is now behind us, and as always, it was a great opportunity to see familiar faces and share ideas about the future of the shipping industry. For Newgistics, some of the key highlights of the event included: –Postmaster General, Pat Donahoe, reiterated his direction and focus on 4 key business strategies for the Postal Service. ___1) Strengthening the business-to-consumer channel ___2) Improving the customer experience ___3) Competing for package business ___4) Striving to become a leaner, faster and smarter organization –Ellis Burgoyne, Postal’s CIO and Executive VP, said that the USPS would continue to make improvements to Full Service Address Correction Service; increasing tracking for mail-pieces, trays and containers; and full tracking of all barcoded packages by October. –Jim Cochrane, the VP of Product Information for USPS, announced that the the organization will purchase 300,000 new scanners as part of its program to make its parcel tracking “world class.” His goal is to have an Intelligent Mail package barcode on every package ASAP, and the Service will provide “free” tracking and tracing. Jim also reviewed the roll-out timeframe for the IMpb: ___–The USPS has just issued the rules and requirements for the IMpb program to be effective in stages over the next 2 years for all commercial parcels. ___–Delivery Confirmation will be provided at no additional charge for all commercial packages starting in January 2012. With the exception of Standard Mail, this will apply to all commercial packages including Priority Mail, First Class, BPM, Media Mail and Parcel Select, which already includes the Delivery Confirmation service as part of the price. (Postal must obtain PRC approval) ___–The Mandatory date for the full implementation of the IMpb is June 3, 2013.   Thanks to everyone who led these informative sessions and those of you who stopped by our booth at NPF. Next, the Newgistics team is getting geared up for the big upcoming Internet Retailer expo next month. Hope to see you all there!