Next week, all eyes of the online retail world will be looking West towards Seattle, where the National Retail Federation is hosting its annual Summit from September 29 to October 1. Newgistics is a Silver Sponsor of this year’s event and we’ll be manning booth #639 on the exhibit hall floor. We’re looking forward to catching up with old friends in the industry and meeting new ones to share our vision for true end-to-end e-commerce; but we’re also just as excited to hear and learn from others’ perspectives. Of course, we wouldn’t miss the Opening Remarks on Tuesday morning at 8:15 where’s SVP, Vicki Cantrell, will be joined by the always insightful Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester, who recently keynoted Newgistics’ Executive Forum earlier this month. Once the event officially gets off the ground, there are two jam-packed days of great sessions planned. Here are a few on our “must attend” list: Innovations in International Expansion–How Brands and Retailers are Using Cross-Border Commerce to Drive Sales Tuesday at 3pm Brands in the U.S. are selling themselves short if they’re not looking overseas for expansion. While the e-commerce industry continues to see steady growth at home, it’s nothing compared to what’s happening, and will continue to happen, in emerging markets where more and more people gain access to the Internet every day. In many of these countries Internet penetration is fairly low now, but it’s growing fast and so will e-commerce sales as a result. The world is shrinking, thanks to the Internet, and it’ll be interesting to hear how it’s impacting retailers like lululemon and Farfetch. Decoding the New Consumer Mind – How and Why We Shop and Buy Tuesday at 4:15pm This is a special “members only” keynote, but one that looks like it’ll definitely be worth attending if you can. If you just knew what your customers were thinking, it would be so much easier to give them what they want. And while that’s not possible (outside of a mediocre Hollywood romantic comedy anyway), this is the next best thing. As the session description says, “award-winning consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, PhD, will explore how consumers behave both intentionally and at the subconscious level.” Defining Omnichannel for Your Brand: Setting Priorities to Meet Customer Expectations Wednesday at 1:15pm This is a topic near and dear to our hearts. Study after study has shown that consumers are already expecting omni-channel commerce to exist – it’s a no-brainer for them so when they find out that their favorite stores lack omni-channel capabilities they wonder why. It doesn’t matter to them how complicated the back-end technology and logistics are, they just want it to work. Luckily, Newgistics offers all the pieces of an end-to-end solution – from site design to fulfillment, delivery and returns – under one roof to make the transition easy for retailers. But it’ll be interesting to see what the likes of Kohl’s, Zumiez and IBM have to say on the topic too. Behavioral, Eye Tracking and Emotional Testing – Maximizing Insights to Improve the User Experience Wednesday at 3pm This sounds like some pretty cutting-edge developments in the field of user experience. UX has always been an essential piece of the puzzle and we know that it’s about more than just creating a pretty exterior. Looks are important, but it will be interesting to look a little deeper to see how shoppers actually respond to a site emotionally or subconsciously. We hope to see you next week. Don’t be shy- stop by booth #639 and say hi!