Our consultative approach is never one-size-fits-all. We build teams to pursue customized, omni-channel innovation in collaborative partnership with client brands.


Account Manager

Our Account Managers partner with our clients to create solutions uniquely suited to their needs, from physical operations to digital engagement. These senior resources gain in-depth knowledge of each merchant brand, recommend engaging experiences
for the brand’s end customers, and provide critical insights to drive success across the board.

Project Manager

We support brands’ day-to-day success with a dedicated resource to manage new development, enhancements, and quality assurance. Our Project Managers are in charge of projects and work closely with upper management to make sure the scope and
direction of each project is on schedule, and on budget. Continually assessing the pulse of the business, this key liaison represents present needs, providing on-target recommendations and momentum as business evolves.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts are seasoned problem-solvers who analyze the past and look into the future to reveal strategic opportunities for our merchant brands. Our obsession with measurement helps brands determine which strategies are driving engagement,
and which will drive further success across operations, project management, process definition, and resource management.

Dev Ops Engineer

Responsible for a mix of development and operational-related activities, our elite Dev Ops engineering experts work with our technology partners and development teams to enable the delivery of the right software and hardware solutions to automate,
secure, diagnose, and optimize digital retail operations for our merchant brands.

Software Engineer

Our seasoned Software Engineers design and implement complex systems, productivity-enhancing tools, and scripts designed to further merchant brand business goals. These inventive thinkers generate, enhance, and promote visionary ideas, and
provide seasoned build management and support to make them working a reality.

Web Developer

Web Developers work with the latest and greatest technologies and methodologies. We specialize in website development, architecture, and optimization. Merchant brands benefit from collaboration with senior developers who employ
agile processes for efficient project throughput and reliable project outcomes.

Quality Engineers

Quality Engineers provide our merchant brands with quality outcomes time after time, deploying consultants with deep expertise in test engineering, enterprise systems, and quality assurance methodologies. We create and maintain scalable test plans,
define and track metrics, assess risks, and certify releases across brand engagements.

Logistics Engineer

Our Logistics Engineers live and breathe continuous integration and release management in support of mission-critical retail environments. These seasoned thinkers solve large-scale, complex software engineering problems using agile development principles and
state-of-the-art technologies, with an emphasis on automation and efficiency.

Sales Operations

Sales Operations manages sales force productivity, including planning and reporting, quota and compensation, training and process optimization. With a strategic focus on sales practices at the highest levels, we continuously improve our sales force
and proactively identify opportunities for both process-based and resource-based improvements.

Sales Executives

Sales Executives are responsible for growing our parcel, fulfillment and eCommerce solutions; our sales executives utilize consultative and value-based selling strategies to inform and empower C-Suite decision-makers. Working with the top brands in retail,
these experts lead the conversation from initial engagement to signed contract.

Infrastructure Engineers

Infrastructure Engineers deliver the integrated services that support the development, deployment and management of our IT applications and support services. This seasoned group works collaboratively with the network engineering, operations and
systems administration teams. They make a direct impact on our operations, ensuring our network is fast, available, scalable and engineered to withstand high demand.

Transportation and Network Strategy

Our Transportation and Network strategists leverage their experience and expertise to design custom inbound and outbound parcel solutions for our clients. These creative, data-driven, logistics experts work closely
with our transportation and postal partners, as well as our operations and finance teams, to optimize the Newgistics worldwide network to the optimal advantage our of valued customers.

Brand Marketing

Also known around the office as brand evangelists, our Brand Marketing gurus are responsible for the development and execution of brand activities and strategies that establish and maintain the presence of Newgistics in the market place.
These strategists work closely with our product development teams, sales teams, creative agencies and research analysts to leave a lasting impression of Newgistics, and make sure our company brand values and image are followed.


Our Accounting teams not only make sure everyone gets paid, these money-managing experts oversee accounts receivable and payable, vendor relations, fixed assets and other financial controls. Our accounting teams keep record of Newgistics’ financial position
and spearhead changes to ensure we continue to run cost effectively.


Masters of the art of planning and distribution of assets, our Finance pros manage complex pricing and financial analysis. Under the leadership of the chief financial officer, this group works closely with the accounting teams to manage all aspects of financial
analysis, financial management, budgeting, and purchasing, and ensures Newgistics’ financial records are properly maintained.

Facility Operations

Our Facility Operations leaders manage the offices, equipment and operations at our fulfillment and parcel facilities nationwide. This hardworking group is responsible for the fulfillment process, ensuring all customer orders are sourced, fulfilled and shipped
seamlessly. They also oversee the return process, and are key to upholding our commitment to brand care—protecting and enhancing our clients’ most important asset.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team supports our business units and the heart of our organization, our people. We develop recruiting, onboarding, employee relations, employment, compensation and benefits, training, development and
legal compliance strategies that empower our extraordinary people to do what they do best, innovate and provide unparalleled customer service.

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